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Client & Patient Testimonials

Our clients and patients often have good things to say about our services. See below for some examples.


Clinic Administrator Seattle

“The purpose of this testimonial is to praise CellNetix, a top-notch laboratory! CellNetix performs all pathology services for our busy urology practice. The service and quality of their work is of the highest professional standards, exceeding our expectations. CellNetix is a truly professional company. Key points about their operation: extremely easy to contact and receive information about questions quickly. Turn around for lab reports in 1-2 days. Implementation of lab results interface to our EMR was quick and painless. Sub-specialty expertise has improved overall care of our urology patients.  Client service representation is always helpful and friendly and quick to respond. Pathologist’s communication with physicians is superior. I have absolutely no reservations in making the highest recommendation on behalf of CellNetix Laboratory. They do it right, for the right reasons.” M.Z. – Clinic Administrator 6 Provider Urology Practice; Seattle, WA

Hawks Prairie Endocrinologist

"I have never been better supported by a pathology group in my career. Before I moved to Olympia, I did not realize how much pathologists could enrich my medical knowledge base and my patient care outcomes. The doctors of Cellnetix read their slides promptly, communicate effectively in their reports and phone calls, and seek collaboration to bring new science and new standards of care to our community." Michael H. Shannon, MD, endocrinologist, Providence Internal Medicine – Hawks Prairie

Practice Manager Seattle

“We have been working with CellNetix since their inception. Our physicians trust the pathologists implicitly. We regularly receive updates about clinical trials and testing options and the communication has always been fabulous. A year ago, we converted to an electronic results interface. The implementation was quick and virtually effortless. We now spend a minimal amount of time processing the results and the turnaround period in which we notify the patients is now two days earlier. This has in turn, reduced the number of telephone calls that we receive from patients requesting their results. The providers can also review the reports when they are out of the office and with only a few clicks of the mouse they can request their assistants to follow up accordingly. The interface has been a very positive and rewarding improvement to our workflow. Whenever we have a question, our client service representative responds swiftly, professionally and knowledgeably. She thoroughly researches our questions and provides the answers timely. I cannot say enough about the wonderful care that we receive from CellNetix.” D.B. – Practice Manager 13 Provider OB/GYN Practice; Seattle, WA

Swedish Cancer Institute

“I have had the privilege of working with the CellNetix pathologists for approximately 10 years. I have been consistently impressed with their expertise, thoroughness, and competence. Their work is outstanding, their pathology reports are well organized and very readable. They have consistently demonstrated their commitment to work as team members in delivering excellent patient care in both one on one interactions and their essential participation in clinical tumor board conferences. All of the pathologists are extremely accessible and always ready to help when questions arise. I can honestly say that they, to a person, are the best pathologists with whom I have had the good fortune to work. CellNetix as an organization has demonstrated the highest commitment to quality clinical care as well as developing quality assurance measures to track specimens, outcomes and processes.” Patricia L. Dawson, MD, PhD, FACS Swedish Cancer Institute Breast Program Leader Medical Director Cherry Hill Comprehensive Breast Center Medical Director Swedish Cancer Institute Breast Surgeons


Edmonds Patient

"We had a very sick patient needing multiple units of blood and complication conditions from rapid blood loss. Both Dr. Kawamoto and Dr. Boudousquie stayed and advised The Anesthesiologist and surgeon about real and potential blood delivery problems during the case. In my experience this is the first time I have ever in thirty two years of working in critical areas within a hospital which Pathologists were readily available to help in an on going situation. Dr. Kawamoto and Dr. Boudousquie are always available to us here in Surgery but on this occasion I was very impressed to see multiple specialties come together and work so closely together. I feel I wanted to write a letter of appreciation for their help in solving some of the critical situations we experienced that night. It is the kind of place you want to work in."

ICU Patient

"Thanks to all for incredible, fast, quality help on this case. I signed this out next day on a case of unusual diagnosis with special stains ordered the same day and distant consult completed within 3 hours of me first seeing the case! This will make a difference for this patient who is in the intensive care unit. Thanks again." --Dr. Richard Whitten, M.D. In April of 2011, a sick patient in ICU who had been progressively ill for months with an unusual type of lung disease was able to have high dose steroids flowing before the weekend after having an open-lung biopsy the day before. After receiving the slides early, a presumptive diagnosis was made and other diagnoses excluded. The slides were then sent to Dr. Matthew P. Horton, M.D., CellNetix expert on lung pathology, completing the diagnosis, and finally leading to the appropriate therapy that could quickly begin for the patient.

Member of Livestrong - Cancer Transitions and Providence Hospital

"Please send my thanks to Rich for staying late last night, and to you, too, for staying so late. But also thank him for being so informative in such an clear way. It was really interesting to hear him explain everyone's pathology, and to do it so evenly and safe (does that make sense?). It was really interesting to learn about all the different terms and ways of testing and on and on and on. Very good evening."

Nurse from Providence Regional Medical Center Everett Hospital

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was this last weekend with the outstanding service by Rose and Dr. Boudousquie. A patient came in during the night with an elevated wbc. Elaine told the ER dr. of blasts being seen on the differential. Rose contacted Dr. Boudousquie in the early morning. Dr. Boudousquie came in read all the smears (by now there were 3 on this patient). Plus he read all the other interps sitting there. What was impressive was that Dr. Boudousquie hand delivered the specimen to CellNetix for flow cytometry. The report came back on our shift with the type of leukemia and they could start treatment on the patient.Rose had to make many phone calls to RN, hospitalisit, Dr. Boudousquie etc. She kept track of all these contacts. Job well done."

Olympia Patient

"About one year ago [name omitted] got a very good pathology slide and it was sent to your office for examination. Due to your skill and ability my diagnosis was made. The follow-up was a needle biopsy and then surgical removal. We followed up with 34 radiation treatments. That was all completed in late October. My [name omitted] says they never find cancer in the nipple discharge that are done in her office. Dr. Krug, my surgeon in Olympia was skeptical that I had cancer. After participating in the Cancer Relay Team, June 3rd, I find I am so very thankful that I am well and healthy. Thank you for your diagnosis and educated skill that found my "suspicious cells". All cancer diagnosis are scary -but I am confident I am well & healthy.

Patient from Providence Centralia Hospital

"When I came to Providence Centralia Hospital to have my bone marrow biopsy, it was performed by CellNetix Pathology. It was unexpectedly easy and relatively painless. I've had this procedure several times and this one was the best."