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Breast Pathology

Our Breast Pathology team currently diagnoses and evaluates more than 1,200 new cases of breast cancer per year.  As an integral member of the multidisciplinary cancer treatment team, we work closely with surgeons, radiologists and oncologists, to provide them with prompt and accurate diagnoses and various prognostic markers, which aid in the design of the final treatment plan.  The services we offer provide gross, including intraoperative, and microscopic examination of different types of specimens, including fine needle aspiration, needle core biopsies, lumpectomies and mastectomies with or without sentinel lymph node evaluation/axillary dissection.  Our Breast Pathology subspecialty is led by Dr. Nan Ping Wang, CellNetix Director of Immunohistochemistry.

90% of Surgical cases are diagnosed and reported within 48 hours

Featured Pathologist

Nan Ping Wang, M.D., Ph.D
Pathologist - Seattle
Dr. Wang is the Director of Immunohistochemistry at CellNetix. He is fellowship-trained and with more than ten years of experience in the field. His Ph.D. training provides expertise in molecular biology, which has proven essential in the ...
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Other Subspecialist Pathologists

Types of Testing We Do

  • Consultation (Second Opinion) on outside pathology slides
  • Immunohistochemistry evaluation of various breast cancer prognostic markers, including, but not limited to,
    • estrogen receptor,
    • progesterone receptor, and
    • HER2/neu


Relevant Conditions

  • All “lumps and bumps” in breast or any radiographic (mammographic or MRI) abnormalities, such as calcifications or architectural distortion