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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a copy of my pathology report?
A: You can get a copy of your pathology report from your physician. Another option is to call your pathologist’s office (CellNetix Pathologists and Laboratories’ toll free number: 866-236-8296).

Q: Can CellNetix review my pathology slides if the case was evaluated by a different hospital/pathology group?
A: Yes. While there is a small cost incurred with this type of review, we frequently review pathology cases from outside institutions.
Q: Can I send my CellNetix pathology case to another hospital/pathology group for a second opinion?
A: Yes. Again, a small cost is incurred with this type of review, but we are happy to facilitate such an “extra-departmental review.”
Q: Is a pathologist available to speak with me about my CellNetix pathology report?
A: Yes! Please call our toll free number (866-236-8296) for additional information. Alternatively, you can call the pathologist who read your case directly. The phone number is typically listed below his/her name at the bottom of the report.
Q: Can I review my pathology slides with a CellNetix pathologist?
A: Absolutely! Please call our toll free number (866-236-8296) for additional information.
If you’re in a region not served by CellNetix, talk to your cancer care team to find out how to get in touch with the pathologists who worked on your case.