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What makes pathology groups different?


It's simple. A subspecialized board-certified or fellowship trained pathologist who reviews more cases of a particular type (e.g. breast, colon, derm etc.)  in a year will be better prepared to recognize and issue a correct diagnois with complex cases.


Specimen tracking and patient safety systems matter... Specimen or slide mix-up's are a huge source of incorrect diagnoses in pathology.


You have a choice

Most patients do not realize that their choice of pathology group can affect the outcome of their treatment. We believe that a subspecialized, technically sophisticated pathology practice can significantly increase your chances of successful diagnosis and treatment. Ask your physician who they use and why...

Featured Subspecialties

The CellNetix Dermatopathology Center of Excellence is an important component of CellNetix pathology services. We can assure health care practitioners and patients that their tissues will receive prompt and thorough professi...

Anatomic Pathology at CellNetix includes a comprehensive range of services, including Surgical Pathology, Histology, Cytology, Immunohistochemisty, Autopsy Pathology, sub-specialty surgical pathology consultation and an incr...

CellNetix's Hematopathology team provides comprehensive services involving diseases of the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes. Dr. David Corwin, President of CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories, leads our

Our team of Gastrointestinal Pathologists at CellNetix has comprehensive expertise in the field of digestive disease pathology, encompassing disorders of the alimentary tract, liver, biliary tree and pancreas.

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