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Molecular Leadership

The CellNetix Molecular department comprises over 20 technical staff and is led by Dr. Anna Berry (see leadership bios below). We perform a wide range of tests from FISH to Next Generation Sequencing at our state-of-the art facility on Seattle's First Hill.

Position: Pathologist
Division: Seattle
Location: First Hill
Phone: 206-576-6050
Fax: 206-215-5935

Subspecialties: Molecular Pathology, Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology

Dr Berry is the director of Molecular Pathology at CellNetix. Prior to joining CellNetix, she was Associate Professor of Pathology at University of California San Francisco.  She is board certified in Molecular Genetic Pathology and C... View Full Bio

Position: Molecular Pathology Technical Co-Director
Division: Seattle
Location: First Hill
Phone: 206-576-6519
Fax: 866-721-9696

Dr. Xu is the Molecular Pathology Technical Director of Molecular Pathology at CellNetix. Prior to joining CellNetix in 2013, Dr Xu was director of the Molecular Diagnostics Lab at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane Washington ... View Full Bio