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CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories is the partner of choice for today’s hospitals – no other physician owned, private anatomic pathology group can offer the same level of diagnostic depth, quality, cost containment and utilization control.

Strategic Alliance with Hospital Clinical Lab

  • CellNetix has one sole focus: Anatomic Pathology. We partner with hospital clinical laboratories, not compete.
  • We promote and support the hospital clinical lab.
  • Our Business Development & Marketing Team works hand in hand with the Hospital Team.

Financial Advantages

  • Simplified billing of anatomic pathology procedures
  • Our suite of support services includes administration, transcription, billing and IT support
  • Free up valuable hospital space by outsourcing anatomic pathology procedures to our lab
  • Our team of pathologist medical directors works directly with the clinical lab and hospital medical staff to control test utilization and expand clinical lab testing capabilities
  • Expansion of the clinical lab capabilities equals additional revenue
  • Rapid turnaround time reduces overall length of stay
  • Service Commitments
    • Support Service Specialists are specially trained to triage and resolve physician and patient issues rapidly and accurately
    • 24/7 clinical and anatomic pathologist availability

Laboratory Administration

  • Customized Laboratory Management
  • Our clinical pathologists are actively involved in laboratory operations: they interpret results, select methods and equipment, develop quality assurance programs, and act as advocates and clinical laboratory spokespersons within the hospital
  • CellNetix pathologists actively participate in hospital committees, tumor boards, infection control, blood utilization, etc.

IT Products & Support

  • Interface Capabilities – internally supported with rapid development timelines
    •      Cancer Registry auto population available
    •      Bi-directional interfaces with clinical partners
    •      Dedicated team
    •      ADT, Orders & Results
  • Bar-coding - fully bar-code driven lab process significantly reduces patient misidentification errors.
  • "Fedex® Style" end-to-end specimen tracking using bar-code driven courier handheld devices.
  • Secure Web Portal
    • PDF results
    • Data-mining reports
    • Online supply ordering
    • CPOE – Computerized physician order entry
  • Imaging & TelePathology
    •      Color reports
    •      Microscopic images in reports and on portal
    •      All Pathologists have cameras on scopes
    •      Live slide conference in seconds

Partnership Levels

CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories provides a fully-customizable range of services to hospital laboratories and anatomic pathology groups. Typically we provide full technical and professional services. However, we can work with hospital owned labs and form affiliations with other pathology groups to provide all or some of the below options as managed services:

  • Laboratory administration & redesign
  • IT LIS systems & connectivity
  • Consultations
  • Esoteric anatomic pathology testing
  • Transcription services

Resources for Physicians

Resources for Patients

Laboratory Administration

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