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We’re not just your pathologists. We’re your partners.

As a hospital, your pathology needs are complex: evolving billing systems, constrained hospital resources, unique physician and patient issues, and time and quality assurance pressures. CellNetix meets those challenges every day, with a conviction to being the best partner in delivering exceptional care to your patients.

We’re pioneers in combining clinical expertise, technological innovation, and business management to improve patient care. Our unique lab facilities in Washington and Alaska provide fast, accurate results that can help lower costs and increase patient safety. We can also work with your labs and other pathology groups to provide managed services that include lab administration and redesign, IT LIS systems & connectivity, consultations, esoteric anatomic pathology testing, and transcription services.

  • Reduce overhead with administration, transcription, simplified billing and IT support services.
  • Free up lab space by outsourcing your anatomic pathology needs.
  • Drive revenue by letting us help you control test utilization and expand lab testing capabilities.
  • Reduce overall length of stay with our rapid turnaround times.
  • Gain coverage when our clinical and anatomic pathologists support you 24/7.
  • Gain expertise when our pathologists participate in hospital boards and committees.
  • Reduce patient misidentification errors with our bar-code driven process.


We’re dedicated to helping local clinics, practices, and hospitals give their patients the best possible care—because they’re our patients, too

Featured Subspecialties

CellNetix’ Neuropathologists offer a diverse range of diagnostic services, including surgical, autopsy and legal Neuropathology consultations, as well as peripheral nerve and muscle biopsy evaluations. Dr. Steven Rosta...

CellNetix Pathologists with subspecialty expertise in Transplant Pathology play a crucial role in the diagnosis and management of patients who have received renal, liver, and pancreatic transplants. They process and interpre...

CellNetix's Hematopathology team provides comprehensive services involving diseases of the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes. Dr. David Corwin, President of CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories, leads our

CellNetix's Pathologists with expertise in Laboratory Administration are chosen to become Clinical Laboratory Medical Directors.  Responsibilities may vary by site, but besides administrative and medical oversight, ...

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