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About Us > Why CellNetix
Driven by impeccable attention to detail, we’re resolute in meeting the exceedingly high standards of quality we set for our laboratory, our customer service, our business and ourselves.

CellNetix is a highly 
subspecialized 50 physician and employee-owned partnership that emerged from 4 Washington groups that had been servicing their hospitals, physicians, and communities for over 40 years. No venture capital was involved in startup of CellNetix, just some concerned doctors who saw where pathology was headed and felt they could better advance patient care and their chosen profession as a combined larger entity.


CellNetix makes things easy by offering you dedicated specimen transport. Our professional courier service is designed around the needs of your practice. Our couriers provide specimen transport, supply delivery, report delivery, friendly, courteous service, and a link between your practice and our laboratory.

Specimen transport times will be arranged to coordinate with your clinic hours and test result requirements.


Why CellNetix? By offering subspecialty pathology services from a dedicated team who "speak the language" of the providers, are highly accessible for consultations, and prefer a collaborative team approach to medicine, your tests will be interpreted by board-certified pathologists who have experience in breast core biopsies, GI biopsies, Pap tests, and prostate biopsies.



We also provide accurate, decisive and definitive reporting with consistent terminology.

CellNetix uses technology to ensure efficient hospital operations and patient safety. Our barcoding process at every step ensures positive patient material matching. We work with clients to build electronic interfaces so that pathology results can flow electronically as soon as a case is completed and provide superior pathology reports.



Our state-of-the-art barcoding system tracks specimens from courier pick-up to final report. It upholds rigorous quality and safety standards that are achievable through the use of technology & LIS (Laboratory Information Systems). Our document scanning process provides a paperless work flow that ensures all case related documents are integrated electronically and available to all personnel processing the specimen. The LIS also enables client requested features such as color reports, report photos, and secure web access to client reports and web ordering.


Online Patient Reporting (LabDOX) is a complimentary practice support product available our secure online web portal. It offers real-time case status inquiries (know where your lab orders are at any point in time), final results that can be viewed, printed or archived, including historical data. Clients can conveniently order supplies online and place courier requests.


CellNetix boasts a sophisticated array of technology infrastructure and information system applications designed to integrate, automate, and standardize operations. These systems fuse state-of-the-art technology with pathology excellence.