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CellNetix Pathology & Laboratories is a dynamic, rapidly growing private pathology company based in Seattle, Washington, proudly serving hospitals and clients throughout the Pacific North West. CellNetix provides comprehensive subspecialty clinical and anatomic pathology services, operates premier anatomic pathology laboratories, and offers complete pathology laboratory services at its central state-of-the-art anatomic pathology laboratory. CellNetix is known for pathologic excellence based upon pathologist subspecialization, for valuing intellectual capital at all levels of the company, and for delivering top-quality results.

CellNetix is composed of 50 pathologists and over 300 total employees. With our size, economies of scale, resources, and volume of referral material, we have created a centralized, state-of-the-art anatomic pathology laboratory leveraging best-in-class information technologies and equipment and lean process design. CellNetix has attracted highly talented professional, technical, and business leaders who provide each individual clinician and patient with focused, personal service. CellNetix believes that local pathologists partnering with local clinicians and hospitals results in the best possible patient care. We use the extensive expertise of our pathologists and laboratory personnel to bring that level of care to each and every patient.


Excellence in patient care - every diagnosis, every day.


To be the trusted leader and preferred provider of pathology and laboratory services, ensuring all patients have the highest quality healthcare.



We are committed to giving unbeatable accuracy, service, and value to our patients and providers.


We are dedicated to the advancement of diagnostic healthcare through science, technology, informatics, and continuous learning.


We steadfastly adhere to the principles of integrity and honesty at all times.


We regard our patients, providers, and team with honor, esteem, respect, and compassion.


We recognize that excellence can only be achieved through collaboration, teamwork, and synergies.


"About one year ago I got a very good pathology slide and it was sent to your office for examination. Due to your skill and ability my diagnosis was made. The follow-up was a needle biopsy and then surgical removal. We followed up with 34 radiation treatments. That was all completed in late October. My [] says they never find cancer in the nipple discharge that are done in her office. Dr. Krug, my surgeon in Olympia was skeptical that I had cancer. After participating in the Cancer Relay Team, June 3rd, I find I am so very thankful that I am well and healthy. Thank you for your diagnosis and educated skill that found my "suspicious cells". All cancer diagnosis are scary -but I am confident I am well & healthy."

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