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CellNetix is widely recognized as being a national leader in Pathology IT Innovation. We have made a huge investment in the development of systems since inception. It has been said of CellNetix that we are an IT company that happens to be in  the Lab business… From the start we focused on:

  • Patient Safety
  • Process efficiency at all stages
  • Improved standards & consistency
  • Quality assurance
  • Knowledge management

We have created customized systems  that support the below critical areas. In 2014 Sunquest  Information System purchased the Intellectual property of our software and entered in to a development partnership with CellNetix which included housing a development center at CellNetix.

Paperless Workflow
Bar Code Tracking
Subspecialty Case Allocation
Integrated Quality Assurance
Client Web Portal
Digital Pathology

Paperless workflow

With 20+ different hospital sites across Washington & Alaska, we knew from the start that we needed to be paperless. All paperwork is scanned into our Lab Information system on specimen receipt.  When a pathologist reviews the case the paperwork is at his or her fingertips.


Bar-code driven specimen tracking from clients office to report delivery

Specimen loss is a "dirty little secret" of the lab industry.  From the start we decided that zero tolerance for specimen loss would be our standard. With no suitable solutions around, we built our own. Using handheld smartphones with barcode readers, specimens are tracked from pickup and drop-off and then at 10+ different points in the lab. We are proud to say we have processed 1,350,000 specimens without  loss since the introduction of our system.


Subspecialty case allocation

Sub-specialization is the new standard for Anatomic Pathology. We are committed to having board-certified or  fellowship trained pathologists assigned to cases where possible. Using a custom case allocation system we have steadily increased our ratios of subspecialty case allocation. 

Automates subspecialty case assignment

Rules based / Balances workload per site and between sites / Allows for:
  • Case Mix
  • Thresholds
  • Conference Coverage
  • Pre-vacation workload
Screen Shot of Allocation System‚Äč

Chart Showing Increase in Subspecialty Sign Out After Implementation

Integrated Quality assurance

Traditionally, Pathology is a highly manual process with many people touching the specimen during its lab journey.  Errors are a fact of life and a realistic goal is to minimize rather than eliminate. Based on the realistic understanding that if it is onerous to report an error it may not always happen, CellNetix designed an integrated, “stage-specific” workflow to track and measure non-conformities. Technicians simply press one button on their touch screens to create an error ticket. The default owner of that ticket gets notified and can resolve or track over time to reduce the incidence. This “no fault” system has been very successful in increasing reporting and helping to eliminate recurring errors in our lab.

Screen Shot of Stage Specific QA System

Examples of Reduction in Errors After Implementation

Client Web Portal

LabDOX™ is our proprietary web portal designed to create efficiencies for our outreach clients. Providers can see PDF reports, search histories, order supplies and request courier pickups. Functionality includes:

  • Track: track case status in real-time. Client can tell whether cases are in-transit, in lab or at pathologist stages.
  • Search Results & Histories:  Search by name or MRN. Print PDF color reports.
  • Add-on orders: place add-on orders directly in case.
  • Logistics & Supplies: request courier pickups and order supplies
  • Knowledge & Assistance: online lab manual with specimen guidelines etc. Contact diagnostician or client services electronically.
Screen Shot of Report Viewer in LabDOX


Digital pathology

CellNetix has pathologists located at over 20 distinct facilities. Our objective was to remove geographic barriers to subspecialty care wherever possible.   Through effective use of Whole Slide Imaging we have been able to do this.

From the start of CellNetix, all pathologists have had digital cameras on their scopes. They can initiate a bi-directional telepathology session within seconds. This means that a single pathologist in Aberdeen for example, has access to over 50 subspecialized pathologists without having to ship slides and at no cost to the patient.

Whole Slide Imaging:
Our smaller labs do not have the extensive IHC menu maintained by our core lab. With Whole Slide Imaging, we are able to scan slides at high resolution and present them to remote pathologists immediately. We also use sophisticated image analysis algorithms for Her2Neu tests.